what ibrown company said about permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the art of using pigment color to tattoo permanent eyebrow makeup, permanent eyeliner makeup, and permanent lip color makeup. Other permanent makeup names are permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattoo, and micropigmentation. Some permanent makeup artists prefer one name to the other, but it is all the same definition of tattoo color for make-up. There are differences in the tools used for implanting permanent makeup, and differences in types/brands of pigments as well. Permanent makeup fades off and has to be reapplied every four to eight years. Having perfectly placed, fresh looking make-up all the time is an esteem booster. Permanent makeup for eyebrows ends the hassle of drawing brows evenly/ correctly everyday, or worrying if you have just wiped one brow off. Permanent makeup for eyeliner puts an end to irritated eyes from topical eye liner, smeared off smudges, watery eye streaks, and residue collections in the corners of the eyes. Permanent makeup for lips ends unwanted transfer of lipstick color to objects and people. Visual impairment, and unsteady or arthritic hands make it difficult to apply topical cosmetics. Those are good reasons to enjoy the convenience of permanent makeup, but most common reasons are: 1) I don’t like the way I look without makeup, 2) I am tired of drawing it on, 3) I don’t know how to do it right, 4) I can’t keep it on while I exercise, work in the yard, swim, etc. Permanent makeup is the solution for women who want to wake up with perfect make-up, and have it stay perfect all day.

The person who applies the permanent makeup may use the title of micropigmentologist, permanent cosmetics technician, permanent makeup artist, or cosmetic tattoo artist. Which title is used is individual preference. Permanent makeup training centers basically address the same objectives. Creativity, technical skills, artistic talent, and knowledge of facial features and make-up design beyond the bare basics taught in training vary tremendously. The different combinations of initials behind names is just being dressed to impress, and individuals use whichever ones they like best. In a nutshell, all it means is that they have received permanent makeup training. Certified means they received a certificate from a training facility. Licensed means they have a state permit for their business. A=artist or academy, T=technician or tattoo, C=cosmetics or certified, D=dermal, I=intradermal or instructor, M=micropigmentation or makeup, P=pigmentation or permanent or professional, S=society, F=fellow or member. Throw some together and have PMA = permanent makeup artist, CPCP = certified permanent cosmetics professional, CTA = cosmetic tattoo artist.

EYELINER can be applied in various styles just as you can draw it on in different ways with an eye liner pencil. Be sure to communicate your preferences such as thin, medium, thick, full line, three quarter line, half line, thicker on outer third, thinner on inner half, etc. A technician with artistic skill, experience with makeup application, and technical ability with a tattoo machine will be able to accommodate these permanent eyeliner requests. EYELASH enhancement (lashline enhancement) is a lighter/softer shading in the lashline to create the appearance of a thicker lashline – a barely there eyeliner.
EYEBROW hair simulation is a technique that resembles individual eyebrow hairs. The fill-in technique produces the solid shaded look you have when using an eyebrow pencil. A brushed on technique looks something in between the two. The graceful upcurve of the outer eyebrow is seen on many of the beautiful models in glamour magazines. Even famous renaissance artists painted faces with the outer brow arch. A graceful, clean arch makes the eyes look bigger, and the face more open and receptive.
LIPCOLOR can be custom mixed for a shade similar to your favorite lipstick. One procedure typically produces a light/ medium result, two procedures produce a medium/ dark result. Results vary depending on color applied and amount of pigment implanted. The final shape of the lip can be altered to make both sides and the top and bottom match better. A shapely cupids bow is the icing on the cake. Lip fullness can be enhanced or minimized by tattooing on the outside or inside of the edge of the lip just as you would draw it with your lipliner pencil.

Mychelle Tulk, RN has a 21 year background in the health and beauty industry, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of facial morphology and techniques for cosmetic enhancement. Prior to devoting full attention to permanent cosmetics, Mychelle enjoyed a long term career as a surgical nurse, specializing in cosmetic surgery, and serving as a beauty advisor for a cosmetics company. A hobby in artwork painting assisted a transition of focused energy to fine lines and minute detail of permanent makeup procedures, applying the principles of art to enhance shape and create dimension to permanent makeup. Mychelle attends continuing education workshops and pursues advanced knowledge and growth in her craft. Mychelle has developed advanced techniques for eyeliner application including blended graduations, softening of edges, and fade-off. These techniques will be detailed for technicians in her forth-coming textbook. Dedication, commitment, and proven knowledge of micropigmentation aesthetics make Mychelle a preferred choice of permanent makeup artists. Emphasis is placed on communication to personalize each look to the individual’s personal preference, lifestyle, and facial features. Mychelle will help you achieve the desired outcome for your aesthetic needs with her expert recommendation in an intimate and discreet setting with the highest medical standards


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