Yes you read the title of this post correctly. There is such a thing as sweat-proof makeup, welcome to the wonderful world of permanent makeup!

Going to the gym can be a big deal for those of us who don’t feel particularly confident and are lacking in self-esteem, so going to the gym completely barefaced can make the whole process ten times more stressful, resulting in possibly feeling worse about ourselves when we catch a glimpse in the mirror. Who manages to look drop dead gorgeous by the end of a sweaty workout anyway?!
The solution to this common dilemma is not to wear makeup to the gym as its only going to melt off your face anyway and clog up your pores, no the answer is to invest in semi permanent makeup for the brows, eyes and/or lips.
The Microblading technique applied by award-winning Sian Dellar will not only enhance your features and make you look amazing but the treatment will last for up to 12 months and means you can workout, swim, and sweat as much as you like without your makeup sliding off of your face- genius!

Semi permanent makeup is fantastic for those who regularly take part in exercise and sports activities and who travel a lot too- no more wasting time on applying pre flight or beachside makeup, your treatment will be an investment that you will appreciate each and every day. Resulting in just one less thing to worry about and keeping you looking your very best at all times.

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