Science and Beauty Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

We didn’t plan to try to make the most advanced ink possible. We just wanted to produce an ink that performs well in order to help us become better artists.

In 2009, when the first tattoo ink was made in a kitchen, the person wouldn’t even think of science as a part of his work. But the shades he started to work with have been the foundation for some incredible advancements in the science of tattoo eyebrow and lip and eyeline ink.

Like arts, tattoo has deep soul and beauty in itself. But it’s not only the beauty that we care about. Science also matters for us. We consider science in every part of our work. From formulation to testing the ink to your skin. We always try make our product better and better. We try to make an ink which goes in smooth and heals bright. But, that’s not the end for us. We try to improve at all the time.

First of all, we choose our suppliers and the pigments we get from them with a lot of care. We test the pigments. We test ph levels, liquidity, temperatures and viscosity. And we make sure that the formulation is right and when it is, each formula gets a batch number.

After that we draw samples and test again. If the sample comes back negative, we don’t even try to repair it. We trash it.

Our mixing process takes 2-4 days to make sure that the elements bind in our clean room. With this process we make sure each batch is consistent and that the colors are flawless. After that we test them again, then we box and seal and sterilize them using a rigorous process that makes sure the ink is clean and ready for use.

We believe science is fundamental to art. We are creating better ink by combining chemistry, technology, and a passion for tattoo.

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