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One of the biggest concerns of tattoo makeup artists is the color quality of the tattoo. Due to our researches in most of countries, poor quality tattoo colors causes problems for tattoo artists and those who have tattoos on their body.

Color changing after a while, color spreading, infection, not being colorable and many other problems has caused artists a lot of discontent.

Ibrown Company has made the tattoo pigments to the smallest possible size with nano pig cutting technology. nano pig cutting technology which is exclusively available Ibrown company, has made tattoo pigments to absorb in to underneath stratums with the first touch of the needle with the skin. And because of being water base and due to specialized researches by Ibrown scientists on the face skin (lips, eyebrows and eye lines) underneath stratums completely penetrate and quickly absorb and stabilize.

Pigments are from A+ quality and because of that there is no change in color at all. Ibrown’s extensive researches and experiments on tattoo cosmetics have earned them good international popularity.

Besides all these, the packing process which is carried out in a fully hygienic manner has allowed valid international licenses like GMPCPNP, not Animal tested and BUC to be obtained.

price/psc : 20$

Size: 15 ml   1.2 fl.oz


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