Interested in our award-winning eyebrow microblading treatment? want the brow of your dreams?

Our goal is to create beautiful, natural eyebrows that matches the symmetry of your face. We do this with semi-permanent makeup, carried out using a specialised manual hand tool which holds disposable microblades, and implants colour onto the skin, so absolutely no needles or machines! The machine is expertly used by Sian Dellar to create natural 3D hair strokes to replicate real hairs, no-one will ever know they’e not your own eyebrow hairs! 

Each and every treatment is personalised to the individual, this is certainly not a case of ‘one brow fits all’ We even have you make different facial expressions to make sure the brows look perfect laughing, smiling, eyes open or closed. If a client has botox, we’ll see how much that affects the drawing and adjust accordingly.  The microblading is available in London at our clinic on Harley Street.

Finally a professional treatment created with natural, real brows at the forefront. Now, there is really no excuse for bad brows! 

Beauty blogger Josie Fear-  documented her experience and shared with her thousands of followers-

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