Ok, you’ve had Microblading on your eyebrows to perfection by Sian Dellar and your beauty life will never be the same again! In a very, very positive way. 

Not only will you save lots of time in the mornings not having to apply your brow makeup but you can sweat, swim and embrace your bare face without a scrap of eyebrow makeup in sight thanks to the powers of semi permanent makeup. 

Now this is the important part that will quite literally change the way your new eyebrows will heal, so listen up!…. We understand that in the excitement of your new microblading treatment you might not necessarily want to listen to the aftercare instructions but please, please do it will result in PERFECT brows. All you have to do is apply the Sian Dellar Healing Balm three times each day for the following 7 days after your microblading treatment, without fail! Do not forget this, carry the handy little pot around with you and even set a reminder on your phone to ensure you don’t forget as it honestly makes the biggest of differences in how your precious brows will heal! 

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