Materials Safety Data Sheets

We don’t keep secrets. Our customers deserve to know what’s going in their skin. Here’s our very own freedom of information act.

 You should know everything about what you put in to your skin. Our first priority is to make the safest ink we possibly can. And to reach that goal we should make sure that our customers know exactly what goes into every bottle of ink we produce.

There should be nothing hidden in our industry. When the ink is safe, it’s better for us and for the customers. That’s why we are clear about every detail. Of course we know that some things will always be out of our control. Like any cosmetic, mascara, hair colors and body lotions there might be an allergic reaction. We want our artists to be prepared for these types of probabilities. Our Material Safety Data Sheets includes any information a specialist or doctor might need to provide medical care.

  1. Chemical Product and Company Identification
  2. Composition/Information on Ingredients
  3. Hazards Identification
  4. First Aid Measures
  5. Fire Fighting Measures
  6. Accidental Release Measures
  7. Handling and Storage
  8. Exposure Control/Personal Protection
  9. Physical and Chemical Properties
  10. Stability and Reactivity
  11. Toxicological Information
  12. Ecological Information
  13. Disposal Considerations
  14. Transport Information
  15. Regulatory Information
  16. Other Information

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