Ink safety

Safety has always been our no. 1 Goal.

Ibrown was the first tattoo ink manufacturer to sterilize ink and boost the industry’s health standards to new levels. Ibrown recorded his name as a cosmetics manufacturer in cosmetics industry and became registered and licensed as a cosmetics manufacturer under the New Jersey Board of Health in the United States and became agreeable with all EU quality standards. We offer consultation and advice about our industry to ensure we are all moving forward together. Additional information about our company is available on this page.

The ibrown founder was not pleased with the way in which products were made. There weren’t any rules or regulations for his industry by which products should be manufactured by. Finally he decided to test the inks out on himself. So he examined the ink on actual skin in many ways in order to discover and establish those regulations for his industry. Some of these examinations was without the cleaning procedures, because he could better understand the dangers and improve the safety of his ink. He wanted ibrown tattoo ink to be the safest and best product in the industry, no matter what it took.

Ibrown set the standards of tattoo industry to a new level and today other manufacturers follow those standards.

How Does Ibrown Look Out For You?

Ibrown has a third party lab of qualified biochemists who are in charge of testing and sterilizing of Ibrown tattoo inks and they keep our technology and equipment up to date so that we are ahead of other manufacturers in terms of safety and hygiene of our ink. We sterilize every single bottle of ink that we produce before we sell it to anyone. We always look for better and more efficient ways of leveling up the standards-game of our tattoo inks.

Ibrown disclosed the ingredients in each one of the tattoo inks it produced and was the first tattoo ink manufacturer to do that publicly. This information help customers to know exactly what Ibrown inks are made with.

Ibrown ink is a 100% vegan product. Some tattoo inks contain animal products and some may have been tested on animals during production! In fact, the usual black tattoo ink has been known to consist of crushed animal bone. Usually black tattoo ink was made with crushed animal bones. But our tattoo ink contains zero animal products and we never test it on animals. And we also never test on other people. We only test on ourselves.

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    • Emilia Jones says:

      thank you for your attention
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