Whether you’ve over-plucked following 90’s trends in your youth, or your brows are thinning with age, we can’t deny that each of us are on the hunt for thicker, well defined arches. Fortunately, faking natural looking eyebrows has never been easier… 

Stay Hydrated

It crucial to ensure the skin around your brows and your eyebrows are well hydrated. Dryness can prevent the growth of healthy hair- not ideal for those looking for thicker arches.

See Your GP

If you’re concerned with thinning brows and hair loss, it can be caused by an underlying medical condition such as thyroid issues or a lack of iron, so it may be worth seeking medical attention.

Loose The Tweezers

We’re all guilty of getting carried away with the tweezers, and if you aren’t an expert in shaping brows it can lead to a dramatic change in your features, so see a professional who is trained in brow shaping. A professional can also define what’s naturally there, and instantly make your brows look thicker and fuller accentuating the natural shape.

Try Microblading

For fuller, more defined brows with minimal upkeep it’s worth having microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique which achieves the most natural result every time, and can help you achieve the shape and style you’ve always wanted. It’s lasts up to 18 months without needing topping up, so it’s ideal for busy mums and women who don’t want to waste many hours in front of the mirror trying to achieve beautiful brows.

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