Always wanted bigger, fuller and more flattering lips? If you’ve answered yes to that question then no doubt you’ve been curious about lip filler and might have deliberated on whether to take the plunge…

There are so many scary stories out there about how lip filler can ruin your natural lips and become one of the biggest cometic addictions going, you don’t need to search too hard to find these stories either it seems everyone knows someone who’s had it done! Not to mention the fact you could leave the clinic in question with lips resembling a certain duck pout we’re all very familiar with! 

Instead of opting for scary lip fillers why don’t you go for an injection-free option, one that lasts for over 12 months with zero side effects. Yes, you guessed it we’re talking about semi permanent makeup. A subtle lip colour enhancement using permanent makeup in a shade just a little bit darker, pinker or brighter than your natural lip colour can redefine your lips completely and result in a pout to be proud of! 

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