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Where is the iBrown Ink made?

iBrown Tattoo Ink is manufactured in Canada.

Is a client at higher risk for migration with carbon-based eyeliners?

iBrown carbon-based eyeliners should be used with caution by experienced artists only. We have a variety of carbon-based and non-carbon eyeliners to choose from so you can always reach the safest and desired result for each of your clients.

Can I use your pigments with my cartridge tattoo machine?

Yes. Our pigments can be used with any tattoo machine or microblade

Is iBrown safe for new artists to use?

Absolutely! Our line is for all professionals. With appropriate training, iBrown Inks will help you leave your mark at every stage of your artistry. When using one of our four carbon-based black eyeliners, we recommend that newer artists choose Zebra Black as they have a lower pigment load.


Why do the colors sometimes look different in the bottle or from batch to batch?

Some colors can stain the inside of a bottle which may result in the appearance of a darker or slightly different shade than what will appear on the skin after a drawdown. Rest assured that each formulation is consistent, so your results will be too.

What will prevent these colors from changing over time?

The unique balance of our formulations and our strict attention to lightfastness guarantees that iBrown colors will never shift. We are always committed to using the highest quality pigments, the highest pigment load, and the best carrier ingredients so your work will last. iBrown shades will only fade slightly over time, to a lighter version of the original color.

Will the pigments turn grey?

If the right color is selected for a client’s skin tone and the proper technique is used, our pigments will never turn grey.

Are the pigments cool, warm, or neutral?

Each product description notes whether a color is warm, cool, or neutral so you can always achieve your and your client’s desired result.


Can iBrown Inks be removed?

Yes. Saline solution or laser are some of the removal options for permanent makeup.

Can I mix iBrown Inks together?

Yes. We love mixing them up but recommend combining no more than two pigments, plus a modifier if needed.

Can I cover old tattoos with iBrown Inks?

Yes! If the old tattoo is at least 70 percent faded from its original rendition, iBrown Inks should easily cover it.

Are iBrown Inks considered permanent or semi-permanent?

Any deposit of color into the skin is considered permanent. On average, iBrown Inks last about one and a half to three years without fading, depending on the individual client.

Can I use brow colors as eyeliner and vice-versa?

Yes! Our brow colors are amazing multitaskers and can be used as eyeliners and vice-versa!

How long does the ink typically last in the skin?

On average, iBrown Inks last about one and a half to three years without fading, depending on the individual client


What certificates iBrown have?

So far, iBrown has been able to receive Cruelty-free, GMP, VEGAN, and ISO3485 certificates. We are still trying to increase the quality and get more certificates.

What is Vegan Certification?

This label confirms that our products do not contain any animal ingredients or by-products. We never test on animals or use them when making our products.

What is ISO 13485?

We’re the only tattoo ink manufacturing company in the United States with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 medical device level certification. Achieving this label requires passing a third-party Medical Device Single Audit while also demonstrating the ability to provide medical services and devices that consistently meet all regulatory—and customer—requirements. We are proud to adhere to these guidelines so we can ensure your results are as safe as they are breathtaking. Quality and safety are at the foundation of what we do.

What is GMP?

Good manufacturing practice certification covers all aspects of the production process, from the original materials to the equipment to the staff involved in the process. Systems are put in place to provide documentation proving how each process was done and staff is following detailed, written procedures the whole time.

What is Cruelty-free?

All of our products are cruelty-free, which means we never test on animals. Ever.


Do certain medications affect the use of iBrown products for clients?

If your client has concerns about contraindications or interactions with a medication they are taking, we encourage you to refer them to our SDS or MSDS information HERE. They can then share this with their healthcare provider to determine whether they’d like to receive permanent makeup.

What is the shelf life of iBrown Inks?

 products have a shelf life of four(4) years if unopened and one year after opening.

What are the ingredients?

Our premium ingredients are a blend of powdered pigments, sterile aqua, rosin, glycerin, and witch hazel. They are always gamma-ray sterilized, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Can I use it if I am pregnant or may be pregnant?

No. Though our pigments are rigorously tested for quality and safety and always achieve the highest certifications and approvals for both, permanent makeup procedures can cause temporary, minor stress on the body which is not ideal for pregnant women.

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