Every one in ibrown has a little perfectionist

Every one of us in ibrown has a little perfectionist in him/herself. Like all artists, we’re never satisfied with our work.

As producers, we move towards our work the same way. Invent, improve, clean, and repeat. It’s a process that doesn’t just keep us ready, it helps us to think of new possibilities and overpass the gap between who artists currently are and who they want to be. A careful examination of everything is needed in everything we do & everything we produce.

Ink bottles have been unchanged for years, but we found out that there is a lot to be improved. We could improve the safety, long lasting and quality of the inks by making a superior, better performing bottle. And this result in better type of art which is closer to what artists want to create.

We replaced PVC material with PET to reduce potential contaminants. Then, we made a change in bottle cap. We patented a double sealed break off cap that doesn’t need an induction seal anymore. We reduced the carbon footprint and made a bottle that’s easier to use with locking mechanism that clicks and stays closed. It makes the ink last longer and stay cleaner for more.

In addition, Ibrown ink bottles pour more precisely and eliminate wasting which gives artists more control over their work.

A safer, more pure ink that lasts longer and performs under any condition all rolled into the most advanced bottle we could possibly create. It makes our inner perfectionist smile—at least for the time being.

Finally we created a safer and more pure ink which lasts longer and performs under any condition. And we created the most advanced bottle we possibly could. All of these make our inner perfectionist smile. At least for the time being.

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