Engineering the ink performance

A good ink which easily goes in and stays bright is just the start of our work. Then we have creamy inks, wide range of colors and consistent formulas which take ink to another level. Possibilities can become realities by these improvements and artists and focus on exploring on new frontiers.

Artists need an ink that never fades to improve their work and that’s what we aim to create.

We use science and we follow our souls to create each bottle of Ibrown Ink. And that’s not just advertisement speak. We’ve been artists and we will always be. That is how we look to our work. As artists, we try to create a product which makes us better. And as artists, we took a deep look into tattoo ink history and where it’s headed. We follow the same rules which used to make the first homemade ink and we keep following the principles in our Clean Room today.

Being famous in tattoo ink industry is half of the story. Byprogressing in science and technology we can make an ink that actually performs better; under any condition and on any skin.

Soul plus science isn’t a new formula. Tattoo artists have always been finding new ways to improve their work from the start. But today the importance and role of tattoo ink is much more before what it was in the past. It’s not something that artists use merely during the process. Its mass produced, overlooked and less analyzed and it usually contains harmful metals. Our aim is to change all that.

We believe ink is full of potential. It has been in the past and it will be in the future. We can help the artists and ourselves to create higher quality tattoos if the quality of ink is high. Sounds hard to achieve? But we are here to achieve the unimaginable and we work for it every day.

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